Friday, October 26, 2012

Third Sea Turtle Admitted To Sea Turtle Rescue Program Within A Week

On Tuesday evening, October 23nd,  naturalists from Kiawah's Night Heron Nature Center were finishing a tour when they noticed something floating near the dock at Mingo Point. As they drew closer, they realized it was a small endangered green sea turtle. The little green was transported by Charlotte Hope from SCDNR to the South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital. Weighing only 1.9kg (4lbs), "Mini Ming" is the smallest green ever admitted into the Sea Turtle Rescue Program!

Blood gas values weren't too alarming but did show signs of dehydration. We will continue to monitor these levels due to lethargic behavior and state when initially rescued. Treatments included antibiotic and vitamin injections as well as fluid therapy to resolve dehydration. X-rays revealed a full GI tract and bone lysis in the left carpus. After treatments, Mini Ming was transferred to a small shallow water pool over night.

Scratches and moderate barnacle coverage of Mini Ming's carapace.

Taking a good breathe after being prepped for blood draw.
Biologist Whitney drawing blood. Blood gas values give details on Mini Ming's current state and to determine proper treatment.
Staff uses a doppler to get a heart rate.
Normsol fluids were administered using a catheter through the axillary region.
X-ray showing food in the GI tract and bone lysis to the left carpus.
Mini Ming, happy to be back in water after triage.

Mini Ming is now enjoying a larger tank and is resting comfortably at the bottom. We are not sure why the turtle was floating in the waters at Mingo Point but do know that it is what saved his/her life. Come visit Mini Ming and the other patients currently under the South Carolina Aquarium's care by taking one of our behind-the-scenes hospital tours. Huge thanks to the naturalists from Night Heron Nature Center and SCDNR for their help and assistance in the rescue and transport of Mini Ming!
Whitney Daniel 
Sea Turtle Biologist