Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ongoing treatment for "Myrtle" the Kemp's ridley

Over the last few months, "Myrtle" has lost her spunky attitude and appetite. The floating disorder has changed slightly in that she is more buoyant on her left side than her right. To quantify the changes in her lungs, "Myrtle" was taken back to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to have an MRI. The imaging research team at MUSC are an amazing group of folks and we cannot thank them enough for working with us on ailing "Myrtle," on a Friday evening after hours no less!

A new therapy that has been initiated is diving with "Myrtle" in a 14' exhibit tank with a weight belt. Weight therapy has been used in hospital holding tanks but the tanks are fairly shallow. Staff wanted to see what "Myrtle" would do in deeper water with the extra weight. A video of the first day of this therapy is below. Although not actively swimming, it is nice to see the turtle lingering under water for a longer period of time. This therapy will occur ~2 times per week thanks to Sallie Miller and her Carolina Seas dive assistants. Hopefully something positive will come from it!

Good luck "Myrtle"!!