Friday, February 12, 2010

Two SC classes raise $3,500 for the Sea Turtle Rescue Program!

The Gilbert Middle School ProTeam Class of 20 seventh graders raised $1500 for the sick and injured sea turtles in our hospital! Yea ProTeam! Below is a photo of their visit to the Aquarium and Sea Turtle Hospital taken on the Riverside Terrace. It was a beautiful January day and the kids were too excited to start their day by watching dolphins swimming and playing in the Charleston Harbor. Thanks to Daphne DuBose and the entire ProTeam class for these efforts!

With Erin Ruth at the helm, 21 kids from Cheraw Intermediate raised $2,000 for the Sea Turtle Rescue Program! Each student was able to become a stranded turtle adoptive parent as well as get a tour of the Aquarium and Hospital. The class visited on February 2nd to deliver the check (photo below) and meet the sea turtle patients they adopted. Awesome job Cheraw students!

We are so very appreciative of the hard work that goes into raising funds for the Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital. These teachers are not only teaching their students about the importance of sea turtle and ocean conservation, but are also instilling a spirit of giving and supporting local, non-profit organizations. Thank you classes at Gilbert Middle and Cheraw Intermediate, for helping us continue to provide the best possible care to the sick and injured sea turtles that come to our hospital. You are making a difference!

Photos are courtesy of Sharpshooter Images.