Monday, May 2, 2011

New stranding admitted to Sea Turtle Hospital

The Sea Turtle Rescue Program is off to a very busy 2011 stranding season! On Thursday, April 28, a juvenile green sea turtle weighing a little over 8 pounds was found stranded on Kiawah Island, SC. This is the third sea turtle to be admitted to the Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital in just three weeks bringing the total patient load to 22 - a new record.

The turtle is named Eugenia after one of the oldest roads on Kiawah, Eugenia Avenue, which also runs parallel to the area on the beach where the turtle stranded. The road was named after Eugenia Royal, the wife of CC Royal who bought the island from the Vanderhorst Family in 1950 for logging purposes. A portion of the road is still unpaved and boasts many of the original homes on the island.

After being weighed, measured, and scanned for tags, Eugenia was treated with fluids and antibiotics. She was put in a shallow tank for two days and has just been given a deeper tank in which to swim. Prognosis for this animal is good. Check the Sea Turtle Hospital webpage for updates on Eugenia's progress.

Thanks to everyone involved in this rescue!!

Kelly Thorvalson