Friday, May 25, 2012

May 18 sea turtle release photo blog

The threatenening rain held off for an amazing release of two loggerheads, Hamlin Creek and Jammer, on Friday, May 18th. What a perfect way to celebrate Endangered Species Day!

Hamlin Creek
Sea Turtle Hospital staff Whitney Daniel and Christi Hughes, release Hamlin Creek... front of a large, enthusiastic crowd and under a grey sky.
Once Hamlin Creek hit the beach, there was no time wasted getting to deeper water.
Elly and Simmons were on the dock they day their family rescued Hamlin Creek last summer. So happy you girls were able to make it out for Hamlin's return to sea!
Jammer was released by Ann Graham, Fire Chief on Isle of Palms who helped rescue Jammer from the beach a year ago, and Bobby Ross, long time General Manager of Windjammer Beach Bar (that Jammer is named after) where the Jammin for Jammer fundraiser was held in fall 2009. Look for another Jammin for Jammer at the Windjammer this fall!
 Jammer took off quickly but had the crowd laughing at his 360 degree turn before making his way into the water. Goodbye Jammer...
...and good luck!
Huge thanks to all who have been part of the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of these amazing sea turtles. They have touched the hearts of us all.

Kelly Thorvalson

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 loggerheads to be released Friday, May 18

In partnership with the SC Department of Natural Resources and Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, two sub-adult loggerhead sea turtles, Jammer and Hamlin Creek, will be released at the Isle of Palms County Park on Friday, May18 at 3pm. Both sea turtles were rescued from the Isle of Palms last spring/summer in critical condition and have been recuperating in the Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital.

With an average cost per day of $34, medical expenses for these two turtles alone have reached over $26,000. It is this reason that Jammer's namesake, the Windjammer, and the IOP Neighborhood Association raised funds last fall for the Sea Turtle Rescue Program. We are hoping to celebrate the release of Jammer and Hamlin Creek at the Windjammer following Friday's release. Stay tuned for details!

Jammer was admitted on April 25, 2011, truly on deaths door and his recovery has been simply amazing! To learn more about Jammer's recovery, read the case history and enjoy past blogs.

comparison photo of Jammer
Hamlin Creek was rescued from Hamlin Creek behind the IOP pm June 12, 2011 suffering from an advanced skin infection that took the lives of many sea turtles last year. We are thrilled that Hamlin survived this terrible condition and is now ready to be released. To learn more about Hamlin's recovery, read the case history and enjoy past blogs.

comparison photo of Hamlin Creek
Huge thanks to all the folks involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of these sea turtles! If you to attend the release, remember that beach traffic may be heavy so be sure to carpool and ARRIVE EARLY. County Park parking fees will apply. Hope to see you there!

Kelly Thorvalson
Sea Turtle Rescue Program Manager

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 turtles released in front of largest crowd ever!

Sunday's release of 7 sea turtles attracted an epic crowd of well over a thousand onlookers and brings the South Carolina Aquarium to 90 releases since 2000. Enjoy the photos!

Aerial view of sea turtle release taken by IOP friend and pilot, Nicholas Johannes.  WOW!
The Hollands, Tyson, Mary, Mason and Zach, release Mason (Kemp's ridley) and Eclipse (hybrid). Thanks for the ride into Charleston and the lift out to sea! 
Beautiful reflection of Mason on the sand as he pauses before heading into the water.

With the help of William, Sea Turtle Hospital Volunteer Machelle Morningstar released Andrew, the Kemp's ridley that was medically cleared the very morning of release. So happy he could go!

SCDNR's Amy Gutierrez released the Kemp's ridley, Eastham, with Kendall holding the name card.
Innis, a Kemp's ridley sea turtle, was released by hospital volunteer, Ann Connellee, and Charlie held the name card for the crowd to see.
With the help of card holder Lilly, hospital volunteer Elaine Warren releases the Kemp's ridley, Sampson.
Be safe out there little turtles!!
Hospital interns Caroline and Vicki release Little River, the boat strike loggerhead that was admitted last summer. Hunter and William from Team Tortuga carried the name cards.
Little River has a short crawl on the sand. What a beautiful loggerhead!
We would like to thank everyone that helped with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these turtles. And huge thanks to all that came out to the Isle of Palms to make this such an amazing day. Many were eager to join us for this first release of the season and we are grateful for the support!

Kelly Thorvalson
Sea Turtle Rescue Program Manager