Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Sea Turtle Release Today on Kiawah!

The South Carolina Aquarium is releasing three sea turtles today! Join us this afternoon (September 19th) at 4:30 P.M. at Beachwalker County Park on Kiawah Island. In partnership with the SC Department of Natural Resources and the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, we will be releasing Dewees, Murray, and Hook. This will bring our total to 97 sea turtles rehabilitated and released from the South Carolina Aquarium! Arriving early and carpoling is strongly encouraged and park parking fees apply.

Dewees: A severely debilitated juvenile loggerhead found floating in Dewees Inlet by Barrier Island Eco Tour guide Courtney, and her husband Jim. At admittance Dewees, was emaciated, dehydrated, lethargic and heavily covered in barnacles.Since being admitted in April, Dewees has gained 15 pounds and has become a visitor favorite on tours.

Comparsion of Dewees since being admitted.
Comparsion of Dewee's carapace.

Hook: A juvenile Kemp's ridley caught in July by a fisherman on hook-and-line at Myrtle Beach State Park. Our veterinarian, Dr. Shane Boylan, was able to remove the hook non-surgically which drastically reduced Hook's stay in the hospital.

Profile view of Hook.
Murray: A juvenile Kemp's Ridley caught by a shore fisherman on Edisto Island last month. Our vet was also able to remove the Murray's hook non-surgically, which resulted in a short stay within our sea turtle hospital.

Profile view of Murray, one of the smallest Kemp's ridleys ever in our care!

We hope to see you all there to help bid farewell to these three amazing sea turtles! Please remember county park parking fees apply and parking is limited.

Whitney Daniel