Monday, March 19, 2012

First SC live stranding admitted into Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital

A green sea turtle admitted on St. Patrick's Day - how appropriate! It was definitely this little turtle's lucky day to be rescued on Saturday evening in Cherry Grove, SC. Had recreational fisherman, Jamie Smith, not found him before darkness fell, the turtle may not have survived the night. North Myrtle Beach SCUTE members Rob and Linda responded quickly to the stranding call. Linda gave the turtle the best chance of survival by transporting it to meet Charlotte Hope from SCDNR in Georgetown for the transfer - a long drive for all involved.

Admitted into the Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital about 10:30pm with a low heart rate of 24 beats per minute, high blood CO2, and a core body temperature of 67 degrees F, it is apparent that "Grover" had been in colder waters than his cold-blooded body could tolerate.

Diagnostic tests included bloodwork and x-rays. Initial treatment included fluid therapy, antibiotics, vitamins C and B, and a slow temperature acclimation, all lasting until well after midnight. Although Grover is still very lethargic, the prognosis is favorable.

Huge thanks to all involved in Grover's rescue! Be sure to keep up with his progress on the main hospital webpage.

Kelly Thorvalson
Sea Turtle Rescue Program Manager

PS - The green Team Tortuga shirt I am wearing was given to me by the kids at East Cooper Montessori School that are raising funds for the Sea Turtle Rescue Program as their Peace Project. It was only fitting to wear it on St. Patrick's Day and to honor their efforts!